New Sampling Facility in China

SampleRite’s investment in China will provide a professional sampling service to chemical suppliers operating in the region. In response to the many difficulties faced when exporting and sourcing chemical samples from China, SampleRite’s aim is to assist chemical companies in supplying hazardous and non hazardous samples to their customers, safely, quickly, legally, professionally and at a reasonable price.

Situated in Qingdao’s Economic & Technology Development Zone in Shandong province, Mr. Zhao Weixin will be heading up the business, assisted closely by Mr. Zhang Nan and supported by the team in the UK.

The opening ceremony of SampleRite Qingdao Limited took place on Sunday 20th February 2011 and was celebrated by 45 guests including government officials, suppliers, clients and SampleRite personnel.

Speaking at the ceremony,Chairman and CEO Mottie Kessler emphasised the importance of SampleRite’s service to the chemical industry; “the sample is always the first step for business and we want to offer this service to companies here in China as we offer to companies all over the world. We hope our investment in China will open many new doors in international chemical trade”.

Given the scale of the chemical industry in China, Mr. Kessler is positive about the potential growth for SampleRite in the region, adding “Out of the UK we are sending 60,000 samples every year. We hope that soon we will be celebrating 100,000 samples out of Qingdao”.

Special thanks were expressed by Mr. Kessler to the IPB (Investment Promotion Bureau), AWS (Administration of Work Safety) and AIC (Administration for Industry and Commerce) for their valued support in establishing SampleRite Qingdao, the first wholly owned subsidiary of SampleRite Limited outside of the UK and part of the international growth strategy of the company.

New Sampling Facility for SampleRite Launches In China

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